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Date added: 10-09-2013 Length: 00:27:17 Rating:
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Description : Auburn-haired cutie Roma is an adorable young thing with a big, perky pair of all-natural tits and a phat, wobbly ass. This bouncy-breasted babe is eager to please director Mike Adriano in an intimate one-on-one audition. Mike buries his tongue deep in Roma's sweet asshole and spreads her pussy lips to admire her pink, juicy, wet inner labia. Roma kneels and takes the director's dick all the way to the back of her throat, gagging and drooling; she straddles his meaty member, rides the throbbing pole and finally cleans Mike's shaft with her talented mouth.
Date added: 10-08-2013 Length: 01:12:00 Rating:
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Description : Auburn-haired cutie Alisha Adams and adorable, edgy brunette Luna C. Kitsuen are gorgeous, all-natural, young cum sluts eager to please anally obsessed director Mike Adriano. Alisha sucks on Luna's plump, perfect boobs. They each suck the director's big dork and team up to give Mike a wet, ball-licking, deep-throat, POV-style double-blow job. Before long, each Luna and Alisha get the opportunity to suck Mike's meaty member ass-to-mouth as he's plowing the other's rectum; they help out by licking one another's gaping sphincter and finish by orally swapping a messy, gooey load of sperm.
Date added: 10-07-2013 Length: 00:53:12 Rating:
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Description : In lacy pink and black lingerie, impossibly stacked Latina bombshell Bridgette B. eagerly uses her mighty ass to satisfy anally obsessed director Mike Adriano. He worships the tanned temptress' massive booty, thrusting his tongue into Bridgette's puckered anus. Mike sucks the amazingly voluptuous slut's huge mammaries. She kneels to give the director a wet, gagging, ball-sucking, deep-throat blow job, coating her cleavage with slobber and squeezing his shaft between her giant titties. Soon this curvaceous butt slut is taking a passionate anal reaming, slurping Mike's big tool ass-to-mouth and opening wide for a hot, messy mouthful of sperm.
Date added: 10-06-2013 Length: 00:58:04 Rating:
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Description : Two all-natural cuties, adorable brunette Hope Howell and flirty blonde Zoey Monroe, are dolled up and ready for a nasty anal threesome with perverted director Mike Adriano. Zoey spreads her soft ass cheeks; Hope thrusts her tongue inside the blonde's winking sphincter. Then Zoey rims Hope's bunghole while her girlfriend wetly worships the director's cock and balls. After lots more ass eating and a slobbery, POV-style double-blow job, Mike decorates Zoey's butthole with lipstick, then pushes his thick shaft deep into her rectum. Hope obediently sucks cock ass-to-mouth and licks her gaping hole. Finally, the girls orally swap semen.
Date added: 10-05-2013 Length: 01:03:35 Rating:
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Description : Gorgeous, young blonde bimbette Laela Pryce is a super-cute white girl with an enormous, round ass. Dressed in skin-tight pink spandex, she obligingly teases director Mike Adriano by bouncing up and down so her mighty butt cheeks wobble. Laela peels off her leggings and spreads her giant buttocks, revealing a tender anus never before fucked on camera! Squeezing her huge, natural boobs, she kneels and gives the director a wet, sloppy, drooling, POV-style blow job, then takes a relentless anal plowing that leaves her backdoor gaping. Finally Mike pulls out, spurting hot cum into Laela's hungry mouth.
Date added: 06-26-2013 Length: 00:38:03 Rating:
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Description : Auburn-haired cutie Sasha Casey has been trying to teach older Italian stud Claudio some dirty Russian words, but all the sex talk soon makes her horny. The elderly man can't resist kissing this lovely young girl, stroking her soft thighs and burying his fingers inside her lacy panties. Sasha joins the hairy stud in the bedroom for some nude, hands-on instruction. He expertly licks Sasha's sweet pussy and worships her adorable bare feet; she swallows his stiff cock and suckles the older gentleman's ball sack. After passionately fucking the tender beauty, Claudio spurts his semen onto Sasha's soft tummy.
Date added: 06-25-2013 Length: 00:43:32 Rating:
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Description : Pale, naturally voluptuous Jennifer White has decided to take up director Mike Adriano on his offer of a nasty ass reaming. This gorgeous slut shows up at the studio wearing fishnet stockings; she spreads her jiggling rump so Mike can bury his tongue inside her relaxed anus. Jennifer wetly gags on the director's dink, drooling on his meat in a session of intense, deep-throat servitude. Soon he's ferociously pounding this soft beauty's sweet rectum until her sphincter gapes open lewdly. After lots of ruthless sodomy and ass-to-mouth perversion, Jennifer opens wide for a taste of fresh semen.
Date added: 06-24-2013 Length: 00:36:17 Rating:
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Description : Bespectacled bimbo Kimmy Olsen has decided to take up director Mike Adriano on his offer of a nasty ass reaming. This soft, big-assed cutie arrives at the studio wearing a skintight top and booty shorts; she walks on a treadmill so Mike can film her plump butt cheeks swaying side-to-side. Next, Kimmy wetly gags on the director's dork, drooling on his meat in an intense, POV-style face-fuck. Mike ferociously pounds this big-booty babe's cushiony derriere until it's wrecked and gaping. After the sexy girl has tasted his ass-flavored cock, Mike decorates Kimmy's butt cheek with a messy load of spunk.
Date added: 06-23-2013 Length: 00:49:20 Rating:
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Description : Super-stacked blonde Blake Rose takes up director Mike Adriano on his offer of a nasty ass reaming. This bodacious bombshell shows up at the studio packed inside a bright pink, skintight fishnet dress. She spreads her thighs so Mike can worship her huge ass and sweet, shaved pussy. Blake wetly gags on the director's dick and ball sack, and she slides his giant cock between her huge melons. Soon he's ferociously pounding this voluptuous babe's rectum until her wrecked sphincter gapes open. The sexy slut slurps Mike's cock ass-to-mouth and opens wide to swallow a messy load of spunk.
Date added: 06-22-2013 Length: 00:48:51 Rating:
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Description : Busty blonde Tasha Reign has decided to take up director Mike Adriano on his offer of a nasty ass reaming. This adorable slut shows up at the studio wearing a tight dress and high heels; she spreads her phat butt cheeks so Mike can bury his finger and tongue inside her taut anus. Tasha wetly gags on the director's dick, drooling on his meat and submissively slurping at Mike's ball sack and bunghole. Soon he's ferociously pounding this big-booty babe's rectum until Tasha's sphincter gapes. The sexy girl sucks cock ass-to-mouth, opening wide to swallow a messy load of spunk.
Date added: 06-21-2013 Length: 00:56:14 Rating:
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Description : Perky, all-natural blonde Zoey Monroe has decided to take up director Mike Adriano on his offer of a nasty ass reaming. This adorable slut shows up at the studio in pasties and a skimpy thong and spreads her firm butt cheeks so Mike can bury his tongue inside her relaxed anus. Zoey wetly gags on the director's dick, bobbing her head on his meat and submissively lapping at Mike's bunghole. Soon he's pounding her sweet rectum, delivering a ferocious butt-fuck that makes Zoey's sphincter gape widely. The sexy girl sucks cock ass-to-mouth and slurps out a load of spunk.
Date added: 06-05-2013 Length: 00:38:03 Rating:
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Description : Cute brunette Summer Rae has a lewd, May-December casting call with bald, hairy pervert Claudio. He squeezes the pale beauty's plump ass cheeks and suckles on her small, natural tits. The kinky pair lies together on the bed, masturbating each other simultaneously. Claudio worships young Summer's pretty bare feet and buries his face in her juicy cunt. Summer laps at the muscular dude's ball sack and lovingly slurps his fat prick, then straddles his stiff member and rides him passionately. The older stud's experienced cock pumps Summer and splatters a spermy load across her tummy.
Date added: 06-04-2013 Length: 00:45:25 Rating:
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Description : Slender and submissive Alana Rains, an adorable, all-natural brunette, visits ass-obsessed director Mike Adriano for a casting session of nasty anal fun. Alana teases the camera, spreading her pale ass cheeks with both hands, and gets her rectal temperature taken before wrapping her lips around the director's pud in a wet, slobbery, POV-style blow job with ball licking and bunghole rimming. Mike licks her puckered starfish, and soon this sweet princess is anally impaled on his giant boner. Finally he pulls his throbbing shaft from Alana's gaping anus and spurts his gooey load right into her pretty mouth.
Date added: 06-03-2013 Length: 01:03:00 Rating:
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Description : Cute punk whore Proxy Paige teases the camera, using her fingers to widely stretch her sphincter. She and her sultry skinhead girlfriend, Sparky Sin Claire, are ready to interview with ass-obsessed director Mike Adriano. It's going to be a wild, three-way casting session of nasty anal fun! While Proxy slurps on the director's dick, Sparky kneels behind her, tonguing Proxy's pussy and gaping butthole ... and flavoring a lollipop with Proxy's anal essence. These wild sluts join powers for lots of rimming, butt-fucking, big toys and sick rectal prolapse play that climaxes in a creamy oral cum swap.
Date added: 06-02-2013 Length: 00:50:56 Rating:
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Description : Sexy and demure redhead Sasha Casey is a soft, all-natural young cutie visiting ass-obsessed director Mike Adriano for a wild casting session of nasty backdoor fun. The sweet slut spreads her firm booty for the camera, then wraps her lips around the director's dork and wetly gags in a slobbery, deep-throat blow job. Sasha obediently eats Mike's bunghole, then bends over for a royal anal fucking with plenty of ass-to-mouth flavor. After the sexy girl's sphincter has been well stretched by his throbbing member, Mike shoots his load into a large spoon; Sasha hungrily slurps up the fresh semen.
Date added: 06-01-2013 Length: 00:59:30 Rating:
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Description : Exquisite brunette beauty Natalie Moore is a pale, naturally stacked princess. This adorable supermodel visits ass-obsessed director Mike Adriano, who is casting for some nasty anal fun. Mike manhandles Natalie's big, soft boobies and buries his tongue inside her tender butthole. The sexy slut pushes four fingers deep into her own rectum, stretching her sphincter, then licks them clean. She gags on the director's sausage in a wet, slobbery, POV-style blow job, and squeezes his shaft between her pillowy tits. Mike thoroughly reams her backdoor until Natalie's anus gapes widely and her buttocks are splattered with cum.
Date added: 05-31-2013 Length: 00:46:13 Rating:
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Description : A trio of sweet blonde sluts - Sierra Day, Chastity Lynn and Penny Pax - visits ass-obsessed director Mike Adriano for a wild session of nasty anal fun. The girls tease Mike's camera by walking on his treadmill, their plump asses swaying with the motion, then spread their butt cheeks and tongue each other's tender sphincter. Sierra, Chastity and Penny orally worship the director's dick and eat his asshole in a POV-style triple-blow job. Sierra gets butt-fucked and her colon distends in a blooming 'rose-butt.' Penny and Chastity enjoy licking her prolapsed innards, sucking cock ass-to-mouth and taking a creamy cum facial.
Date added: 02-04-2013 Length: 00:53:51 Rating:
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Description : Lovely Italian troublemaker Gia DiMarco is ready for some hard sodomy. The stacked, tattooed brunette teases performer, doffing her cut-off jeans to reveal her winking butthole. He crouches behind her and rims her ass, then lets Gia swallow his big boner and smear her drool over her big knockers. Gia eagerly tongues the stud's ball sack and sphincter, and she takes his pole deep inside her greasy, round bottom. He pumps her sphincter until it's gaping widely. The nasty slut sucks dick ass-to-mouth; after he spurts a load onto her rear, Gia eats his cum with a spoon!
Date added: 02-03-2013 Length: 00:45:22 Rating:
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Description : Busty blonde superwhore Sarah Vandella is clad head to toe in black fishnets, her big boobs straining against the webbing and her plump pussy lips poking from a hole in the crotch. Sarah can't wait for a good anal reaming from well-hung performer. First, he tastes Sarah's pretty cunt and fingers and licks her puckered anus. Then the slutty girl deep-throats the stud's big pole in a slobbery, eye-watering blow job. After she worships his thick shaft and tongues his bunghole, he plumbs her rectum with his big, throbbing prick, climaxing with a spermy splatter across Sarah's wobbly buttocks.
Date added: 02-02-2013 Length: 00:58:28 Rating:
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Description : Heather Starlet and Alexis Ford are blonde, sexy, anything-goes party sluts who can't wait for a good anal reaming from a horny stud. They show off their round, juicy asses for the camera; He spreads their soft cheeks to thrust his tongue up their tender buttholes. After worshiping his thick shaft, tonguing his bunghole and sucking his balls, Alexis and Heather submit to a nasty, butt-banging three-way complete with lewd anal gaping, rim jobs and ass-to-mouth cocksucking. Pulling his big boner out of Alexis' ruined asshole, the performer spurts a creamy cum load into Heather's mouth for both girls to share.
Date added: 02-01-2013 Length: 01:01:31 Rating:
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Description : Bouncy-bootied slut-next-door Mischa Brooks, a hot brunette packed into tight stretch jeans, can hardly wait for a good anal reaming from horny stud. First, Mischa teases his camera with her phat, soft ass cheeks and small, all-natural titties. He buries his face between Mischa's soft cheeks, tongue-fucking her tender sphincter until it's loose, and plunges his huge shaft deep inside. Soon Mischa's cushiony rump is gaping wide open. She obediently slurps his massive cock ass-to-mouth and rides on his raging dick until he spurts a load of hot semen into her hungry mouth.
Date added: 01-31-2013 Length: 00:52:11 Rating:
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Description : Jessie Rogers, a stunning blonde packed into tight stretch jeans and red high-heeled pumps, can hardly wait for a good anal reaming from horny stud. First, he films her awesome ass from behind, then buries his face between Jessie's soft cheeks to tongue-fuck her tender sphincter until it's gaping. Spreading her big, fleshy behind, he plunges his thick shaft deep inside. Her abused anus winks wide open as this exquisite model worships the performer's big cock ass-to-mouth. After her asshole's been expanded with his medical speculum, he fills Jessie's sexy mouth with a hot load of gooey jism.
Date added: 01-30-2013 Length: 01:07:07 Rating:
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Description : Adorable Remy LaCroix and tattooed blonde sweetie-pie Bailey Blue are gorgeous young ladies who can hardly wait for a good anal reaming from horny performer. They begin by kissing for stud's voyeuristic camera, showing off their plump, soft butts and indulging in some mutual rimming before going on to deep-throat the performer's big cock. After worshiping the thick shaft, tonguing his bunghole and sucking his balls, Bailey and Remy submit to a nasty tag-team ass banging, complete with lots of lewd ass-to-mouth cocksucking. Finally, he spurts a creamy cum load into Remy's mouth for the girls to share.
Date added: 11-19-2012 Length: 00:59:53 Rating:
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Description : Cute blonde Amy Brooke and Asian temptress Jayden Lee are adorable supersluts who love getting fucked up the ass, so the lingerie-clad chicks join director Mike Adriano for a nasty anal threesome from one of his crew guys. Amy and Jayden team up to slurp on a man's big dick and balls in a wet, POV-style deep-throat blow job. The frisky bitches even thrust their tongues inside his bunghole! As he plunders Jayden's elastic asshole, Amy uses a vibrator to make herself squirt buckets of girl-cum all over everybody! Then it's non-stop butt fucking, graphic anal prolapsing, rim jobs, ass-to-mouth cocksucking... and a creamy cum swap!
Date added: 11-16-2012 Length: 01:24:06 Rating:
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Description : French cutie Jessie Volt and American sweetheart Lily LaBeau are two adorable, blonde supersluts who love getting fucked up the ass. That's why these lingerie-clad young misses are looking for a three-way anal date! Lily and Jessie rim each other's tender butthole, with a guy's help. Lily gets her sphincter stretched via a medical speculum, and everyone gets a close-up view of her colon's interior thanks to the miniature digital camera. After that it's an epic marathon of sloppy deep-throat blow jobs, nasty sodomy, gaping buttholes, lewd rimming and ass-to-mouth cocksucking, climaxing in a sperm-swap!
Date added: 11-13-2012 Length: 01:10:43 Rating:
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Description : Adorable, big-assed, auburn-haired 20-year-old Melody Jordan has an amazing, all-natural body and a no-holes-barred approach to sex. That's why this gorgeous bitch is joining director Mike Adriano's horny studs for an outrageous anal date. Wearing a jean skirt and a tight T-shirt, Melody teasingly reveals a righteously big, soft, pale booty. Random dude worships her plump, all-natural boobs, explores her meaty ass with his tongue, illuminates her colon with his medical speculum and fucks Melody's pretty face in a nasty, gagging blow job. She obediently licks his asshole. After he plunders her stretched-out rectum, he fills Melody's mouth with sperm.
Date added: 11-10-2012 Length: 01:09:35 Rating:
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Description : Tanned, slender brunette Lyla Storm wants to experience the perverted kind of anal fucking. The adventurous slut teases the camera with her soft buttocks; the horny stud parts Lyla's ass cheeks and thrusts his tongue inside the rosebud of her anus. Soon this sultry babe is on her knees, gagging on his big cock in a relentless, deep-throat blow job. He slides his slobbery-wet boner up the nasty girl's rectum, stretching her sphincter until it gapes lewdly. Lyla obediently slurps his meat ass-to-mouth and opens wide for a yummy mouthful of hot sperm.
Date added: 11-07-2012 Length: 00:47:12 Rating:
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Description : Frisky blonde cuties Amy Brooke and Sheena Shaw love getting fucked up the ass. So these bikini bitches join some random stud for a perverse, three-way anal sex date! Amy and Sheena taunt the camera with their adorable rumps, then slather the man's big cock with drool in a wet, ball-lapping, bunghole-rimming, double-blow job. He plunders their elastic assholes with his erect dick, and the girls savor the taste of each other's anus, with ass-to-mouth cocksucking and mutual gape rimming. Finally, he unloads his cum onto a platter - and these nasty supersluts snort it up their noses!
Date added: 07-30-2012 Length: 01:01:20 Rating:
Like 264
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Description : Sweet Latina beauty Vicki Chase and brunette superslut Juelz Ventura show off their exceptional anal talents. These all-natural stunners kiss soulfully before drooling into and tongue-rimming each other's winking anus. Vicki and Juelz give the big-dicked stud a wet, throaty dual blow job. Each girl takes his big boner deep inside her ass and the other helpfully sucks his meat fresh from her friend's ass. After a slobbery marathon of ass fucking and gaping bungholes, he pulls his pole from Vicki's stretched rectum to spurt hot cum into Juelz' mouth. The nasty girls orally swap his semen.
Date added: 07-26-2012 Length: 01:24:22 Rating:
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Description : Sassy Southern Barbie doll Tristyn Kennedy, a gorgeous blonde slut, shows off her exceptional anal talents. She teases the camera with her big, cushiony booty and giant boobs, drooling on her nipples and spreading her plush ass cheeks to wink her anus; Horny stud eagerly thrusts his tongue inside. Soon this sexy babe is hungrily slurping on the dude's big boner. After stretching her anus with a butt plug, he reams Tristyn's bouncy bottom in a slobbery anal session, and the nasty girl deep-throats his dick ass-to-mouth! Tristyn opens wide for a hot load of creamy cum.
Date added: 07-22-2012 Length: 00:59:56 Rating:
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Description : Exotic blonde Erica Fontes, a gorgeous Latina babe, shows off her exceptional anal talents. She teases the camera with her shapely legs and sweet, jiggly booty, drooling on her perky titties; big-dicked dude spreads her round butt cheeks and thrusts his tongue inside Erica's sensitive anus. Soon this submissive cutie is hungrily sucking the guy's big boner. After stretching her anus with a butt plug, he reams Erica's soft ass, pumping it deeply; the obedient girl slurps his dick ass-to-mouth. With her backdoor gaping, Erica opens wide and gets her oral reward: a hot load of creamy cum.
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